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right when you were getting used to the peace and quiet

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OK, what we're gonna do right here is go back. Way back. Back into time.

There was this girl in Nick's High School who had a big crush on him. Nick, ever chivalrous, ignored the snot out of her. For some reason, this only made her want Nick more, because girls are insane. Nick didn't ignore this girl because she was unnatractive, she was quite a looker in fact, he simply wasn't attracted to her despite that. Why, you ask? Is he gay? Well, bigger than you have asked, but he didn't think so. So then what was his dillio? Well, Nick simply happened to think she was painfully dense. One night, though, everything changed. Nick was, as usual, broke. Conviniently enough, however, there was the girl to buy his beer. Ever the crusader for women's rights, Nick humbly accepted. Well, once he had finished his beer, she kindly offered hers, which she hand't yet touched. Suspicious yet? Nick, ever trustful, was not. Once he was suitably unable to control his thought processes, she made her move, which at this point Nick couldn't quite recall why he was resisting in the first place. Well, suffice it to say things were awkward beyond that point. The next day, though, when Nick told her he wasn't interested in a relationship or duplicating the event, and was horribly sorry he did anything in the first place, she was not happy. She then accused Nick of date rape, her idea of revenge. Well, she eventually apologised, and that was the last time the two ever saw each other.

Until today.

That's right, folks, guess who walked into Tony's today. It was awkward. Have you ever felt like evil was present? Not like... 'this person is an ass' evil, but 'I'm going to go get my excorcism kit' evil? That's what it felt like. It's ok, though, I sent her to the worst sales guy in the store. Who's evil now?

OK, before I go, let me share with you an amusing antecdote. I was talking on MSN with a friend of mine, and there was a lull in the conversation. At this point, someone usually says something random to kick-start the conversation again. Let's watch.

Him: is you a friend or foe?

Him: nigga you aint know

Me: that sound you hear is shakespeare doing 7000 rpm in his grave.

Now laugh. Excelsior.

6:21 p.m. - 2004-01-06


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