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I miss Duckman.

Personally, I think anyone who uses ^_^ that emoticon ought to have their fingers removed.

Im stealing this from The MILF. Sue me. It's really long, and full of spelling errors, but I figure if you had anything urgent or amusing to do, you wouldn't be sitting there reading this. So enjoy.

HAVE YOU: xx:bashed anyone:: Physically or verbaly? Well, either way, yes. xx:self mutilated:: Not my body, anyway. xx:attempted suicide:: Well that's just none of your damn business, asshole. Heh, xx:fake cried:: Well, I was really crying... but I forced it... so yes? xx:cheated on anyone:: Nein xx:used anyone:: I don't think so, but it wouldn't surprise me if I have. Human nature and all that. xx:made someone do something that you know they didnt want to do:: *shrug* xx:had sex with more then 1 person in 24 hours:: Not that I can remember. And I think I would remember that. xx:caught an std:: Eew. No. xx:been preggers:: Oh yeah, dozens of times. xx:injected yourself with drugs:: Well, with needles, you mean? No. xx:taken xTc:: Well, it was in my mouth, but I didnt swallow it. Go willpower. xx:taken coke:: Only the a-cola variety. xx:taken lsd:: Yeah. xx:taken H:: Non.

xx:shop lifted: I stole a pack of Jolly Ranchers once. (ooooooh, rebel)xx:been drunk for more then 2 days str8:: Well, there were a couple hours' break in between. xx:stolen off a friend:: Only their weemenz. And food. Occasionally some Jewlery or electronice. You know, whatever's handy. I kid. xx:kissed a friends bf or gf behind there back:: Not when they were actually still going out. xx:lied to someone while looking them in the eye:: Hahahahahaha, who me lie? Never! xx:ever seen a dead body:: Not a human one. xx:ever thought about killing:: Well, yeah, but not seriously. Just imagining someone exploding when they piss you off or something. xx:ever stayed on the computer for more then 6 hours a time:: I find it hard to balance on the computer for much more than 10 minutes at a time. xx:wanted to spit in someones face:: Yep, and I did it. He hit me rather hard.

::DO YOU:: xx:love yourself:: Meh, I dunno. xx:regret anything in your past:: Anyone with no regrets is either lying to themselves or the Dalai lama. xx:look down on people who dont follow your scene:: I have a scene? xx:believe in love at first sight:: Sorta xx:masterbate alot/how often:: Is the Pope Catholic? xx:like sex in the shower:: yes. A hundred times yes.

xx:use sex toys:: Do females count? Mwahahahahahahaha. xx:look at porn:: Heh. Does a bear shit in the woods? xx:think there is a god:: No. xx:think you are above others:: Well, some people. I mean, I'd like to think I'm a better person than the rapists and murderers out there. Some of them anyway...

::WOULD YOU:: xx:hurt an animal or child:: ot uness they pissed me off. wink. xx:have sex with someone on the first date:: Is a bear catholic? Wait, I mean.... uh.... ah, you know what I mean. xx:swallow:: Only after chewing xx:have unprotected sex:: Does the Pope shit in the woods? Wait, I did it again... oh, no that one works. (what, he might...) xx:have an abortion:: I think that would be some kind of record. xx:adopt a child:: I doubt it. xx:have sex with someone just because they are famous:: Well yeah. Id let Oprah be my sugar mommy. xx:have sex with someone just because they are in a band you like:: mmm.... Agent M... Brodie Armstrong... *drools* xx:have sex with someone for money:: See 'sugar mommy' comment. xx:have a 3some:: Only with two girls. xx:have anel sex:: Only as a warmup for anAl sex. xx:have group sex:: Only if the group was entirely women.


xx:faithful to 1 person when you are dating:: You damn right. xx:happy with your current situation in life:: Yeah, why not. xx:genrally happy most of the time:: Meh, s'up and down. xx:sexualy active at the moment:: What, like this exact second? xx:looking forward to the future:: Yes and no. xx:a good friend to have:: Most of the time. xx:a good partner to have:: Definately, unless you have commitment issues... then Im trouble.

::DO YOU:: xx:like snuggleing:: Thats totally not how you spell that. xx:like rain:: Love it. xx:like the ocean:: It's beautiful, powerful, and frightenning. Kinda like women, actually. Well... some women. xx:believe in fate:: No xx:believe in karma:: Yes xx:practis what you preach:: That one isn't even a word. xx:believe in magic:: Not especially xx:believe in yourself:: Not especially xx:believe in your friends:: For the most part xx:trust meany people?:: What the hell is a meany person? xx:trust yourself:: You're retarded. xx:get hurt easely:: No, seriously. You're just a total waste of carbon, you know that? 'easily,' skeezix. xx:get mad easely:: Only with bad spellers.. xx:hold grudges:: Not really. Except against bad spellers. xx:give people second chances:: Yes. xx:want a family 1 day:: Yeah

::RANDOMS:: xx:fave drink:: Beer.

Dont say 'pick one', thats like asking a mom to pick a favorite kid. xx:fave food:: Pizza. xx:sXe:: Straight edge is moronic. xx:bi sexual:: Let me check. *watches some gay porn* ...Nope, not bisexual. xx:fave sex pose:: You mean 'position,' assface? Im unoriginal,. Ill say girl on top. xx:pierceings:: Yep. Eyebrow. xx:tattoos:: Im waiting till Im 20. Im gettig a mantra and 'Bauer' on my arm. xx:current hair:: Um... yes? xx:current clothes:: My pit uniform. Its well broken in, y'see. xx:current make up:: Oh you know, just a bit of consealer and some eye shadow. A natural tone, you know. xx:current mood:: Normal. xx:current crush:: Hmmmmmm... no comment xx:current annoyance:: Oh Lord, how much time do you have? xx:current book:: The Pillars of Creation, Terry Goodkind. (I know, I know) xx:best place to hang:: Adam's basement xx:best movie:: The Emperor's New Groove... when youre really really stoned. xx:best bands:: Look at my profile, motard. xx:best song:: lol. xx:fave brand of clothes:: right. xx:fave shoes:: I prefer barefoot xx:fave make up brands:: heehee xx:fave hair products:: OK, you're just pissing me off now.

xx:fave gigs:: You wouldn't like me when I'm agry.

Wow, that was long and pointless. Just like.... nevermind, thats uncalled for. Excelsior.

8:41 p.m. - 2003-08-17


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