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My mother has always been the type to react to the cold as if it were the creation of some spiteful malevolent being who was off in some dark and terreible corner, laughing at her. I suppose it's the closest this family comes to being creationist. This cold, however, seems to be ubiquitous. I'm sitting in my basement in attire apropriate for climbing the Swiss Alps, or swimming with Polar bears. I'm flippin cold. Come warm me up.

Well, I would tell you about my weekend, but I have a feeling the people I'd be talking about will be reading this anyway, so I'll bend the rules on my New Years resolution and censor this one a bit. Not too much, though, I promise. I'm sure you're relieved.

So On Friday I went out to the same shit-hole bar on the other end of the Island that I always inexplicably end up in. I saw Stacie, and I'm not quite sure what to do about that one. Here's the skinny:

Stacie and Nick start talking back in May, and hit it off. Nick calls Stacie a few times, but always gets "she isnt home, can I take a message?" When she doesn't erturn his calls, he gets the message and gives up. He finds out from her older sister that she was telling her family to screen all calls from Nick and Nick's friend Eddie until she decided which she wanted. She picked Eddie. Well, now that they've broken up, she wants a piece of Nick again.

Now, on one hand I could go for it, but on the other, her friends are rather cute, and I don't like being someone's plan B. Help me out here.

Yesterday was fun. Went to a shwaggy battle of the bands, but I was with some good people, so that made it fun. Every time I go to a multiple band show, it always destroys my faith in people's taste in music all the more. I got to meet a couple very cool new people, so that was fun, and I got to hang out with Mike again, which was long overdue. I think I may have said something I shouldn't have last night. Beer is my enemy and my best friend. Sigh. Excelsior.

1:42 p.m. - 2003-01-26


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